Friday, April 4, 2014

Tips on using the Coconut Grater

This post's video shows a close-up view of grating coconut in the shell with the Odiris coconut grater/shredder, along with some tips. In my previous posts I showed how to remove the water and  easily split a coconut into two halves for use with the coconut grater. Also I showed the basic use of this tool to shred the coconut meat right in the shell to save you time. This video shows a close-up of how to hold and rotate the coconut as you are grinding out the coconut meat. It also shows how fast the odiris coconut grater can remove all the meat from the shell. If I am grinding a few coconuts I like to enjoy some of the coconut water poured over some ice - its natures sports drink! Order this time saving Odiris Coconut Shredder from Amazon today and start enjoying fresh shredded coconut the easy way. Stay tuned for more posts on coconut recipes, how to make coconut milk and butter from shredded coconut, and more.

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