Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Closeup of removing husk from coconut using shovels

This post's video shows a closeup of how to remove the husk from a mature coconut using two spade shovels. This shows how to stick them into the coconut, back to back, then pry the husk apart by bringing the shovel handles together. After you have pried most of the husk away I show you how to use the blade of the shovel to scrape away more of the husk so you can then easily pull the coconut away from the remaining husk. See my prior posts on how to split the coconut nut into two even halves. Another post shows how to use this coconut grater available from Amazon to quickly shred the coconut right in the shell. You no longer have to pry the meat out of the shell first. Use the shredded coconut to make coconut milk, coconut macaroons and other goodies as I will show you in future posts.

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