Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Shred Coconut in the Shell

This post shows you how to shred coconut right in the shell using the Odiris Coconut Grater. Now you don't have to remove the coconut meat from the shell, then grate the coconut pieces. Instead you use this hand crank tool to grate the coconut right out of the shell in one step. This saves lots of time and also prevents your fingers getting scraped up! The video below shows how to setup and use the Coconut Grater and how fast it works to remove coconut meat from the shell.
 This Odiris Coconut Grater is available on It is very heavy duty - all steel body and stainless steel blades. This is made in Sri Lanka where they have been making these since the 1950's. This is built to last many years. I have grated over 80 coconuts with mine so far and it is still as sharp as when I bought it.
 It will clamp onto a table or counter that is up to 1 3/4 inches thick. It has a smooth clamping surface so that it will not scratch up your kitchen counter.
 I evaluated many different coconut grater tools before buying this one. Many of the other ones have a plastic base and a suction cup to fasten it to your counter. I found there were many users dissatisfied with these because the suction cup would come loose after a few cranks. You do quite a bit of pressure on the grater when you are pressing the coconut while cranking the handle, so I can see why a suction cup just is not going to work well. The clamp on the Odiris Coconut Grater has a 3/8 inch diameter shaft on the steel clamp. The only complaint that I have is the arm on the clamp is a little short, so it is hard to tighten it down very firmly by hand. What I do is give it a few more turns with a pair of pliers, then it is on there sturdy for some fast grating. I would highly recommend the Odiris Coconut Grater for your home use. You can start enjoying the health benefits of fresh coconut, and use shredded coconut to make coconut milk or use it in all kind of recipes. I will share some of my favorites in upcoming posts.

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