Sunday, June 21, 2015

Coconut Butter with Cuisinart FP-12 Food Processor Part 1

In part 1 of this video I show how to make coconut butter by blending up dried coconut shreds in the Cuisinart FP-12 12 cup food processor. I started with fresh mature coconuts and shredded the coconut using the Odiris Coconut grater. This allows you to shred the coconut without having to remove the meat from the shell first. Then I toasted the coconut in the oven until it was golden brown. Then I put the dried coconut shreds into the Cuisinart food processor and blend until the coconut turns into a liquid. This can turn into a liquid because all of the oil in the dehydrated coconut flakes. If you use store bought shredded coconut make sure it is "Full fat", or you will not be able to make coconut butter from it. After the coconut shreds turn liquidy I open the food processor and srape down coconut flakes from the bottom and sides and run the Cuisinart a little long. I usually put a pinch of salt in at this time. I usually do not add any sweetner, but you can if you want to at this time. Note that if you add even a little honey it can get to thick and crystallized very quickly.  After you have blended until smooth the Finally the coconut butter is ready to pour into jars.

In this video I am using the Cuisinart FP-12BK (Black). It also comes in white or chrome. This food processor has a very heavy duty motor and has no trouble with the tough task of blending toasted coconut into butter. You would need a very heavy duty blender to do this, like the Vita-mix series, or you may risk burning out your blender due to the tough material and long blend times.

I would highly recommend the Cuisinart FP-12 for making coconut butter as well as general food processing needs. I really like the two different sized chute opening for feeding in large and small vegetables. It also has a shredding blade as well as a slicing blade that you can adjust for the thickness of the slices you would like.

I have found that by just drying the shredded raw coconut, without getting it golden brown, that it can blend up even smoother. I dyhyrate the coconut in the oven overnight for this. I set the over around 120F and put a oven thermometer in there. If it is in the range from 120F to 150F you are good for about 8 hours without having to worry about it burning. When I toast it I use about 180F for several hours with lots of stirring toward the end to keep any spot from getting to brown.

The coconut butter is wonderful on toast or waffles. This makes it melt and release even more flavor. Enjoy!

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